THE TASMANIAN TIGER by Clara Giménez Arteaga

THE TASMANIAN TIGER by Clara Giménez Arteaga

The Thylacine was the largest known carnivorous marsupial of modern times. Native to continental Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea, it is thought to have become extinct in the 20th century. It is commonly known as the Tasmanian Tiger (because of its striped back).

Description: The Tasmanian Tiger was 1,8 metres long. It had light brown fur with a series of black stripes along the black from the base of the tail almost to the shoulders. The tail was long and stiff; it could not wag like the tail of a dog. The skull was large and its jaws could open 120 degrees, wider than any other mammal.

Habitat and extinction: The Tasmanian Tiger lived in dry eucalyptus forests, wetlands, and grasslands in continental Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea. It went extinct in mainland Australia about 2,000 years ago due to competition from dingoes. In Tasmania, the Tasmanian Tiger went extinct in 1936 after being killed in large numbers by sheep farmers who settled in Tasmania.The last known Tasmanian Tiger, named Benjamin, died in captivity at the Hobart Zoo. Despite its supposed extinction, there are a few unconfirmed Tasmanian Tiger sightings each year in Tasmania.


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jana rius -

i like the post! :)
it's very interesting; i learn many things of the tasmanian tigger when i read the post.
well done!

Manel Paret Espadaler -

I think this animal is interesting and strange. Mabye it's so scary too, but I like it!

Irene Tineo -

I think this post it's fine, 'Cause in gives to the readers a lot of imformation of the "Tasmanian Tiger", and until I red this, I knew anythink about this animal. It makes me a little bit scary.
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