The Quagga, by Irene Tineo Peiró, E1E

The Quagga, by Irene Tineo Peiró, E1E

The Quagga was a type of zebra extinct in the 1880’s. The last Quagga died in captivity in tha Amsterdam Zoo on august 12, 1883. It was extinct because it was ruthless hunted down for meat by African farmers.

The Quagga had a little bit of yellowis-brown fur with sripes in the coat, neck and head. It had hoofed feet and a long upright, black and white mane. It eyes and ears helpeds the Quagga detect predators. It was a fast runner, ’cause it had long legs. It was about 53 inches high and weighed from 500-700 pounds.

Quaggas were herbivores who ate grasses. They were nomadic and spent most of their time grazing.

The Quagga lived in the drier parts of South Africa, on grassy plains. The northern limit seems to have been the Orange River in the west and the Vaal River in the east; the south-eastern border may have been the Great Kei River.


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Jordan Flight 9 -

We all know that value is essential everywhere. Whatever you do, you may hope that many others admire you, and you also will respect people. This really is social rule.

Jordan 11 -

Fondness is not frenzy, it is a power of life. Everyone has the right to pursue what he or her likes.

Clara -

What a pitty!!!
The Quagga is so strange, and it's very interesting too.
It is like a horse!
You have did a good work.

Sara -

I believe that it looks like a horse ... but is also beautiful!;)

Manel Paret Espadaler -

I like this animal. It's beautifull and big! I think it's like a horse, or mabye like a zebra, and it's interesting!
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