We have to save our planet!

We have to save our planet!

The Earth is hotting up, and the greenhouse effect is doing that a lot of species of plants and animals disappear. We can be like now, pollution the air and contamination the nature for many years...

Hotting up: The sun is getting hotter. And the Earth’s climate seems to be heating up much much faster than can be explained by the sun making more heat. And the reason seems to be the people and it machines.Almost all machines use oil, gas or coal. All of them produce pollution becaus ethey produce a gas called carbon dioxide. This gas seems to be the main cause of the trouble.

Greenhouse effect: The glass in the greenhouse traps the heat from the sun. The carbon dioxide does the same in the earth’s atmosphere. It acts doing the same. The carbon dioxide leave that the solar radiations cross the atmosphere but prevent that those radiations go out of the Earth.

Consequences: The hotting up and the greenhouse effect are doing that the poles of the Earth thaw, and the consequences will be that the cities that are near the sea or under the sea level will be flooded. And also, the climate change favors insects like mosquitoes.

We mustWe mustn’tWe can
Reduce the pollutionUse too much oilsReduce, reuse, recycle
Use public transportsThrow all the waste in the same contenedor Use solar energy and wind power
Reduce the amount of consumptionBuy food importedWalk or ride bikes instead of drive cars

By Clara Giménez Arteaga

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