Instructions to create your magazine

1.- Please read ALL the instructions carefully.

2.- Decide which sections you will use apart from the compulsory sections.

3.- Draw with a PENCIL the spaces each section will take

4.- Divide the work among the people in the group. REMEMBER: you will only have 1 hour and a half!!

5.- Use the articles and texts you already created during the last two weeks.

6.- Use scissors, glue and colour pens to improve the design of your magazine.

7.- Think of an oral presentation for this first issue of your magazine



-       EVERY picture must have a caption! (It’s always better if you use Present Continuous).

-       IF you use texts from the Internet and copy them, you MUST write also the source where it comes from.

-       EVERY article or text must be signed by the author (NAME AND SURNAME).

-       EVERY magazine MUST have all the following sections:

o   Summary

o   Editorial

o   2 articles

o   1 interview

o   2 biographies

o   Healthy diet for a sportsperson

o   2 letters from the reader

-       You may also use the following sections to fill up the space:

o   Advertisements

o   Surveys

o   Horoscopes

o   Games (sudoku, crossords, searchwords

o   Recipees

o   Fashion

o   Gossip

o   ...

On Thursday you may bring ANY material you want (pictures printed from the internet, pieces of other magazines...) BUT remember ALL the text must be in ENGLISH.

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¿Y esta publicidad? Puedes eliminarla si quieres
¿Y esta publicidad? Puedes eliminarla si quieres