The earth is getting hotter, is really a greenhouse?. . . Do you know if this is true? So read this text and inquire about what’s really hapening to the planet.

We use so much fuels like oils, gas or coal. When we consume this gas in the cars or factories... the carbon dioxide rises up to the atmosphere and keep all the sunshines in the earth. It’s what we call greenhouse effect, and our planet is getting too much hot. This and more things contribute to the climate change, and if we don’t do anything to stop this, the consequences will be the following:

  • The water level of the oceans will go up.

  • Some cities can flood.

  • Diseases like malaria will spread.

  • The weather is going to get more violent and undpreditable.

. . .

For a start, all the ice that melts will start to fill up the oceans and make them overflow on land. And the water itself will take up more space simply because it is warmer. That will make it overflow even more onto the land.

Here, you have a grid about things you can do, you mus’t do and you mustn’t do for save our planet:




Reduce carbon dioxide and recycle.

Use too much oil, gas or coal.

Walk or ride bikes instead of using the car.

Buy local food and organic.

Drive gas-guzzling cars.

Use power wind.

Use solar energies

Use a lot of fuels.

Reduce the consumption.

So now, you know what is climate change its causes and what to do for change it. I hope you learn about it, and you have to contribute to save our planet.

By: Irene Tineo Peiró


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