Climatic Change in the Earth

Climatic Change in the Earth


The temperature in the Earth is increasing. This is very worrying for the scientists and also for the life in the Earth.This increase of the temperature is principally caused by the carbon dioxide produced from car exhaust pipes and factory chimneys.

The gas carbon dioxide traps heat from the sun in the Earth atmosphere and this way it keeps the Eart warm. This is called the greenhouse effect.

If we don’t stop Climatic Change, the oceans will start to fillup and make them overflow on land. Then there will be less and less pieces of land.

We will suffer the most because we will be flooded first and big cities will be flooded too. Some diseases will spread more easily like the malaria and TB. But it is very unfair because the poor people will suffer the most.

Also the weather is going to get more violent and impredictable (hurricans, inundations...).

There is some people that said that Climatic Change is not really happening. These people is vested interested because they use lots of fuel, because they work as carmakers or because they work at gas and coal companies.

The Kyoto Conference is a group of people around the world that try to agree what we have to do to stop the Climatic Change. The countries that damage the atmosphere the most are USA, China, Europe and Australia.


WE HAVE TO STOP CLIMATE CHANGE!!! We can do some things to help stop global warming:


WHAT WE MUST DO IS:  Reduce the emissions of carbon gas dioxide, use public transports, recycle...

WHAT WE MUSTN’T DO IS: Abuse using the car and the aeroplane, use too much fuel, oil or coal...

WHAT WE CAN DO IS: Walk or ride a bike instead of driving the car, reduce pollution...


By: Jana Rius Cabré


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